Monday, April 6th 2015

I Fell In Love With 1% Miracle
Mangacap from I Fell In Love With 1% Miracle, by Amako

Konya mo Jirettai by Kitazawa Jinko, Asada Meiko – Ch6&7 ⋆ #Drama #Romance #Yaoi → Canis Major Scanlations || Buy

Kuroko no Basuke dj – I Fell In Love With 1% Miracle by Amako pixiv id: 4247765 (春夏) – [KagaKuro] (oneshot) ⋆ #Drama #Shonen Ai → Light and Shadow Scanlation || Buy

Hetalia dj – Paranoia Honeymoon by Sakiika pixiv id: 1292847 (Koutetsuro) – [GerIta] (oneshot) ⋆ #Humor #Smut #Yaoi → okaeshi || Buy

Realist ni Yoru Romanticism by Kinoshita Keiko (Ch1) – ⋆ #Romance #Slice of Life #Yaoi → Girl’s Generation Scanlations || Buy


Sensitive Content

/!\Incest, Underage in previous chapters Stay Gold by Hideyoshico – Ch6.5 ⋆ #Shonen Ai #Slice of Life → acme団

/!\Pressured consent, Underage Wolves’ Island by 土狼弐 pixiv id: 483431 (Draw Two) – (oneshot) ⋆ #Drama #Smut #Yaoi → BARAdise Scanlations || Buy


One thought on “Monday, April 6th 2015

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