Free Spirit Award

free-spirit-award-iconThank you very much fujoshika for the award, I really appreciate it despite taking more than a month to answer ^^;; My answer is in now way as entertaining as theirs, but I’ll try.

The theme given by fujoshika is “The things that help you stay motivated to keep blogging”. There are no rules so I’m a bit lost; I’ll do my best.

I started this blog after noticing a wave of visitors on my scanlation website coming from the same URL. It was a blog which updated the French BL releases. Soon after, this blog disappeared, but I always thought it was a very good idea. Little did I know it meant so much work!

A few years after becoming an avid BL manga reader, in November 2014, I was struggling to find new BL to read. It looked like I had read everything available and complete, so I started reading ongoing manga. Since then, I’ve learned where to look for manga to keep me up-to-date, and I’m glad to have my daily dose of BL. And to help others have theirs too.

I’m particularly fired up after receiving a comment, a message or a tweet. Even if I can see the traffic on the website and twitter, there’s nothing better than to be reminded this blog is actually useful, and that I’m not spending hours on it on a daily basis for nothing. To be honest, I’m awkward with messages, so I’m usually very brief when it comes to answering, but I still appreciate the comments a lot! I’ve also received messages appreciative of the warnings. Some readers don’t mind them, but I know others feel safer reading the releases I checked, and I’m absolutely delighted to know that this blog helps these readers.

One of the things I like the most in updating this blog is finding little gems I would have missed otherwise. It means spending more money too, but I gladly give my money to my favorite authors. It’s not only BL I’m buying, since I also keep an eye on scanlation in general, and I tend to fall deeply for tooth-rotting fluff manga, BL or not. It’s hard to resist to adorable manga like Gakuen Babysitters or Nukoduke, after all! And of course, I don’t exclusively like fluff, I have a knack for slice of slice with slow build, and I also like good humor or drama. My collection is getting so big I need to buy new shelves… but I’m always happy to know my favorite artists are getting appreciated.

By updating this blog, with the pixiv and buying links, I hope to help everyone support their favorite artists. When at the end of the month, I check the stats to make the awards, I’m always happy to see the number of views of an artist’s pixiv, a buying link, or the buying guide.

So, to sum up, the things that help me stay motivated to keep blogging are : discovering new artists and finding little gems to spend my money on, helping the readers have their daily yaoi dose and maybe supporting the artists too.

Ugh, sorry, I ended up talking a lot…

EDIT: I’m not tagging anyone because I don’t know anyone who will answer to this… ^^;;


5 thoughts on “Free Spirit Award

  1. hello, your message is enjoyable to read ! me too after having read all the best completed bl, i went further by entering the scanlation world lol and obviously your time decreases a lot !
    And now i start to look at the new raws around ! there’s so many beautiful stories and drawings, it makes you envious.
    i wanted to thank you for all your posts, i found some new sites thanks to you and it made me really happy lol and just like that your site was on my favbar. So i come regularly to check your news !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! I often see you, here and on the scanlators’ websites, so I’m glad I got to know you a little ^^ I don’t read raws (yet), but I recently started buying mangas in Japanese instead of waiting for them to be translated in my country. Sometimes I wish I was a millionaire; I would buy all the manga I like without having to chose! (*A*)


      1. lol once we start to buy jap stuff, we’re screwed !! (me i’d buy A LOT of nendoroid !!) jap mangas are more expensive here so it’s a no no for me and i like “reading” too lol

        Liked by 1 person


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