Tuesday, March 1st 2016

Harukaze no Étranger
Mangacap from Harukaze no Étranger, by Kii Kanna

19 Days by Old Xian – Ch154 ⋆ #Drama #Humor #Shonen Ai #Slice of Life → Yaoi-Blcd  LQ only 

Escape Journey by Ogeretsu Tanaka – Ch2 ⋆ #Drama #Romance #Yaoi → Must Be Endless || Buy

Fukouchuu no Shiawase by Enzou – Ch3 ⋆ #Humor #Supernatural #Yaoi → Terrible Tea & koyukiya

Harukaze no Étranger by Kii Kanna – Ch1 ⋆ #Drama #Romance #Slice of Life #Yaoi → harukazenoetranger || Buy

Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko – Ch5 ⋆ #Humor #Romance #Yaoi → Moi-xRyu Scanlations

Nande Sonna ni Kawaii no by Hachida Killy – Ch2 ⋆ #Yaoi → tachimybananase || Buy

Naruto dj – I wanna be your prince by Toyoharu (Gokujou Honey) – [NaruSasu] (oneshot) ⋆ #Humor #Shonen Ai → honey-vanilla

Ote wo Haishaku by Sakumoto Ayu – Ch2 ⋆ #Yaoi → Jelly Bean Scans



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