Guest Review: A Strange and Mystifying Story Vol: 3


This is an exceptional guest review by Sandra Scholes from

A Strange and Mystifying Story Vol: 3

Tsuta Suzuki

Digital Manga Publishing/June

Rating: M (18+)

Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

In volumes 1 & 2, the story focusses on Akio and Setsu. Akio has a serious illness that can only be cured by a guardian beast that is
connected to the family. Setsu cures him, but not with healing powers or ancient herbs, but with sex. The yaoi here is played out as
innocent as it could, though still leaves readers smiling. To continue the couple’s story in Volume 3, Akio and Setsu are hinted
at as we move onto a new couple; Keiichiro Minamura and Tetsushi Hatoki who work with Akio the series shows how romance blossoms both in and out of the workplace. As expected, we get to find out more on the couple. Here Keiichiro is the one who attracts Tetsushi’s attention, but Tetsushi daren’t go near him since he has a fear of rejection, plus Keiichiro has a habit of being surrounded by would-be lovers. This series proves that opposites attract as one has confidence while the other is shy.

An unexpected part of the story is based around Keiichiro’s step-son who likes to cook and clean, it seems he has a mania for it and these duties are a means of impressing the new guardian beast he is assigned to. He becomes the male bride to Kurayori, who is slightly annoyed that he is a male, but this plot does a lot for the general feel of humour in the later part of the novel.

Along with the art style and artwork quality, I felt this third volume summed up the first two volumes and introduced valuable secondary characters into it as well as tied up a few loose ends from those previous volumes. A Strange and Mystifying Story Vol: 3 is worth watching out for as are other novels from this manga-ka.



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