Thursday, September 15th 2016

By My Side
Mangacap from By My Side, by Natsume Kazuki

By My Side by Natsume Kazuki – Ch2 ⋆ #Romance #Yaoi → Seraphic Deviltry

Free! dj — September 14’s Room Number 201 by Rinkoyo pixiv id: 3229934 (Giselle) – [SouRin] ⋆ #Yaoi → Carrot-Bunny || Buy

Mr.Gossip by Katsura Komachi – Ch1 ⋆ #Yaoi → Fated Fujoshis & Sentimiento Yaoi

Sweetheart Trigger by Nyannya – Ch2 ⋆ #Drama #Romance #Smut #Yaoi → miilkytofu || Buy


Sensitive Content

(highlight to see the hidden warnings, might contain spoilers)

/!\OS Ch5: dubcon Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai by Katsura Komachi – Ch1 ⋆ #Drama #Yaoi → Fated Fujoshis & Sentimiento Yaoi || Buy



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