Monday, November 21st 2016

Nee Senpai, Oshiete yo
Mangacap from Nee Senpai, Oshiete yo, by Watarumi Naho and Kojima Lalako

10 Dance by Inoue Satou – Ch15.2&15.5 ⋆ #Romance #Slice of Life #Yaoi → Penicillin Shock || Buy

20XX.08 by Rocky – (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → theanonrelease

Gelateria Supernova by Kitahala Lyee – Ch5 ⋆ #Romance #Yaoi → Sirelo & Quiero volver fujoshi a mi mejor amiga || Buy

Nee Senpai, Oshiete yo by Watarumi Naho, Kojima Lalako – Ch1-6&Extra (complete) ⋆ #Fluff #Romance #Yaoi → Fluff Words || Buy

Sayonara Focus by Haruta – Ch3 ⋆ #Romance #Yaoi → Madam el LePoo Scanlations || Buy


Sensitive Content

(highlight to see the hidden warnings, might contain spoilers)

/!\Forceful seme K-Sensei no Furachi na Junai by Natsumizu Ritsu – Ch2 ⋆ #Yaoi → Ikemen Scans || Buy



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