Thursday, May 4th 2017

Kimi no Yume wo Miteiru
Mangacap from Kimi no Yume wo Miteiru, by Aruku, Kouki.


Bakemono BL Anthology by Nanabishi Hiro – Ch3: RENDEZVOUS (oneshot) ⋆ #Fantasy #Humor #Tragedy #Yaoi → YaoiSM 801 || Buy

Boku no Hero Academia dj — Paradise Lost by Ume pixiv id: 375369  twitter  (bb) – [BakuMido] (oneshot) ⋆ #Smut #Yaoi → No Group || Buy

Erotoro by Aniya Yuiji – V4 Ch8: Koi ni Ochite Gomenasai (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Seraphic Deviltry

How Much I Like You by Eyzi – Ch3 ⋆ #Romance #Slice of Life #Yaoi → Random Fujoshis || Original

Kataomoi x Kataomoi by Ueda Niku – Ch1 ⋆ #Humor #Slice of Life #Romance #Yaoi → Masubita Translations

Kimi no Yume wo Miteiru by Aruku & Kouki. – Ch1 ⋆ #Romance #Yaoi → Hoshikuzuu Scans, Rooftop Love BL || Buy

Portrait by Natsume Kazuki – (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Seraphic Deviltry


Sensitive Content

(highlight to see the hidden warnings, might contain spoilers)

/!\BDSM, Unexpressed consent Chicken Stalker by Takarai Saki – Ch1 ⋆ #Smut #Yaoi → Salty Potatoes Trans || Buy

/!\Prostitution, Unexpressed consent Coyote by Zariya Ranmaru – V1 ⋆ #Supernatural #Yaoi → Seraphic Deviltry

/!\Blood Hadakeru Kaibutsu by Ogeretsu Tanaka – Ch5 ⋆ #Drama #Romance #Smut #Yaoi → Must Be Endless || Buy

/!\Violence That Summer by Kim Hyun – Ch37&38 ⋆ #Drama #Shojo #Shonen Ai #Slice of Life → Mystic Scanlations & Ramen Queen Scans || Original



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