Monday, May 29th 2017

Shisei Gokumon
Mangacap from Shisei Gokumon, by Kuku Hayate

Kazuki mania by Fujisaki Kou – (oneshot) ⋆ #PWP #Smut #Yaoi → WDM Scanlation & Koi Yaoi

Mayoke no Darling by Okuyama Puku – Ch5: Red String of Fate (onshot) ⋆ #Humor #Romance #Yaoi → Nexus Scans || Buy

Shingeki no Kyojin dj — This summer by Niimo pixiv id: 2817585 (ニラmecco) – [RivaEre, ReiBert] (oneshot) ⋆ #Shonen Ai → No Group || Buy

Shisei Gokumon by Kuku Hayate – Ch4B ⋆ #Humor #Romance #Yaoi (complete) → BangAQUA || Buy


3 thoughts on “Monday, May 29th 2017

  1. Thank you for having the heart and will to release these everyday! It’s nice that there’s a place where you can check what lovely works have been released each day! 😄

    Liked by 1 person


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