This non-profit blog, formerly yaoi-releases@tumblr, indexes daily Boy’s Love manga releases. BL refers to stories featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between males, which are sometimes depicted graphically. Thus it is aimed at an aware and informed audience (shonen ai: can be read by 13 years old and above, yaoi: mature audience)

Releases are live-updated in the twitter, and once a day, they are all summed up here, with more accurate description.


Since 2018, I’ve been reducing the time spent on this project, meaning I don’t read/check everything. The releases I read are added in a detailed manner in the WordPress, and added to the twitter. If I don’t read a release, it’s added to the WordPress only, in a simple list below the detailed releases.

Checked releases usually don’t contain rape –but as you know, errare humanum es, so please bear with me. I don’t add shota or furry either. Warnings are added behind this sign: /!\, please select the white text if you want to know what are the warnings (be careful, it might contain spoilers).

Of course, I don’t add warnings to the releases I don’t read, unless I have read previous chapters.

Other informations about the content

🔑: closed community.

LQ only: no download link, you can only read online with low quality settings, might be hard to read on phone or laptop.


Recommended Websites

Doujinshi.org: detailed doujinshi database.

SauceNAO: reverse image search engine.

+ online shops

Similar Websites

Manga Updates: probably the biggest english manga database. You can create an account, make lists, rate, review, and join the forums.

MyAnimeList: probably the biggest english manga and anime database. Manga are less up-to-date than on MU. You can create an account, a profile, join groups, rate, review, and participate to the forums.

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