This non-profit blog, formerly yaoi-releases@tumblr, indexes daily Boy’s Love manga releases. BL refers to stories featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between males, which are sometimes depicted graphically. Thus it is aimed at an aware and informed audience (shonen ai: can be read by 13 years old and above,yaoi: mature audience)

Releases are live-updated in the twitter, and once a day, they are all summed up here, with more accurate description.

It is solely meant to inform BL readers of the new scanlators’ releases so you don’t miss anything and keep informed as quickly as possible. Having received many requests for recommendations or help finding titles, I decided to add themed masterposts.


Manga containing sexual activity with no or doubtful consent are not included, as is sexual harassment since April 2015, unless it is not banalized. Sensitive content is hidden under a cut, and warnings are written in front of the manga title. 99,9% of the content is checked, though I’m sometimes too busy to read all of the releases (especially lengthy books I haven’t started yet). Unchecked releases are notified in the twitter @Yaoi_Releases, which you can see in the sidebar.

Spoilerish warnings are by default hidden, but you can see them by higlighting the text in front of the titles. They aren’t hidden when the content is obvious (when the warnings are explicit on the scanlators website, for example). Sometimes, the warning icon /!\ is bolded and in red: it means I believe it could shock or trigger more than “regular” warnings. If you wish to see a regular warning to be emphasized, please contact me.

Examples of regular warnings: Canon-typical violence, Manipulative Lover ; Examples of emphasized warnings: Past child’s prostitution (graphic), Past rape (graphic)

Some warnings explained:

  • partly unchecked: the chapter in the update post has been checked, however, some previous chapters were not. Usually on long works, when I think it does not have other warnings, but I’m not 100% sure.
  • unexpressed consent: a character does not clearly agree to the intimate contact but some elements indicate they most probably do.
  • pressured consent: a character agrees to the intimate contact under what can be considered as pressure. That can be tricky, so when I’m not sure, I still add the work with this warning.

Other informations about the content

🔑: closed community.

LQ only: no download link, you can only read online with low quality settings, might be hard to read on phone or laptop.

Recommended Websites

Doujinshi.org: detailed doujinshi database.

SauceNAO: reverse image search engine.

+ online shops

Similar Websites

Manga Updates: probably the biggest english manga database. You can create an account, make lists, rate, review, and join the forums.

MyAnimeList: probably the biggest english manga and anime database. Manga are less up-to-date than on MU. You can create an account, a profile, join groups, rate, review, and participate to the forums.

Kisha Club: BL-centric release livejournal, regularly listing GL and seinen manga.

Rhainet: BL-centric release wordpress.


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