Buying Manga

I buy from YesAsia and CDJapan.

CDJapan: I only started ordering from them recently (about 4 orders), but for now, I’m perfectly satisfied with their service. The packaging is secure, always in a strong cardboard box, protected by blister wrap and paper. Even when the cardboard was treated roughly during their journey from Japan to Europe, even fragile goods such as CDs were unharmed. Unlike YesAsia, you don’t have free shipping, but you get some points that you can convert into instant discount on your order. The only con would be that I had to give up on buying some books because a few more grams would dramatically increase the shipping fees…

YesAsia: I’ve been buying from them for years now. They offer free shipping on orders over US$39, they have a nice customer service that answers very quickly, and when one of my orders was lost, they resent it. Some items are eligible for gachapon gifts (I got a Makoto Tachibana, a Natsume Takashi and a Kageyama Tobio amongst other things, lucky!! (/▽\*)). The cons would be that the shipping takes a long time (might be increased by my country’s strict customs policy), items can be more expensive than on other websites, and the packaging can be a bit light (some CDs I order were slightly chipped but it won’t affect your books)

You can also find a great shopping guide for doujinshis here:

And online manga here:



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