Character: Awkward character

Je t'aime, café noir

Je t’aime, café noir by Yamashita Tomoko (Drama, Shonen Ai, Slice of Life) | Buy
Yamashita Tomoko’s worlds, created with her wit and ability to make touching stories, are now available in this treasure trove of her works. Ch2: Amiya, who talks in gamer terms and pop culture reference, summons his friend to talk about what happened last night.

Yoru wa Tomodachi

Yoru wa Tomodachi by Ido Gihou (Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Blood, Bondage, Dom/Sub, Violence Masumi is dating Tobita who under innocent face hides a burning desire for being abused. Catering to his needs Masumi gradually gets pulled more and more into the twisted relationship, fascinated by the feeling of sadistic satisfaction from dominating Masumi.


Marriage Press Conference

Hetalia dj – Marriage Press Conference by Sakiika, circle: Koutetsuro [GerIta] | Buy
Germany and Italy are lovers now. Ludwig must follow The Beginners’s Guide to Dating… unless it’s not such a good idea?