Character: Clumsy character

First Love Case Study

First Love Case Study by Kureta Makine (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy in English
“You have a nice body.” With that, the associate professor offers him a part time job… This is a case study in love, between a broken-hearted but meddlesome younger man, and a hapless professor.

Gomen ne Idol-kun

Gomen ne Idol-kun by Kojima Lalako | Buy
Genki has finally made his debut in an idol group, “Sexy Dangerous”, attributing to their characters, but really, he’s as clumsy as a 15 year old can get. One day, he walks in on the member he has a secret crush on having xxx with his rival in the music room! Idol-senpai, Suzuhara, notices his broken heart and Genki’s emotions start to sway, but it seems that he’s only being treated like a child?!

Kami-sama, Onegai!

Kami-sama, Onegai! by Mio Junta | Buy
Ch3: The novelist, Makita, whose dull life is stuck with plots and deadlines, only has one thing he looks forward to every day. And that is meeting the delivery boy, Shiba, who comes to deliver him food every day. Makita finds him clumsy, cute and forgetful, but is it true that he’s just as clumsy as Makita thought? What’s the reason for him doing so?


Yacchimonee by Fuwa Shinri (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
No summary.