Character: Popular character


Gap! by Koiwazurai Shibito (OS, Humor, Shonen Ai) | Buy
From Bokutachi, Ai Nanka Shiranai

Go for it!!

Go for it!! by Narazaki Souta (Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
The “Prince of Professional Basketball” Amarume Taito is super busy appearing on magazines and TV with his splendid business smile. However, having met the young and talented No.1 boxer, Iseya, all of his effort was rejected! It turns into chaos with endless quarreling…?!

Hana to Junketsu

Hana to Junketsu by Katsura Komachi (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
I a world where vampires and humans live together, it is uncleat whether it’s hunting prey or making love, but it’s still very sweet.

Makkurayami de Kimi to

Makkurayami de Kimi to by Takanashi Morimichi (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Takimoto dislikes his manager, Sakuma. When he finds out this flawless playboy is scared of the dark, he thinks it was all a dream, but Sakuma apologizes for his behavior and asks Takimoto a strange favor…?

Megane to Koi to Aoi Tori

Megane to Koi to Aoi Tori by Natsukawa Shiori (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Kei, who loves to read shoujo manga and romance novels, is a high school student yearning for love. However, he understands that his unpopularity doesn’t make him fated for love. If he were just as handsome as his childhood friend, Seiji, love would probably come easily…

Mobile Sweet Honey

Mobile Sweet Honey by Akiba Touko (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Yui is an engineer major with no girlfriend, he also hasn’t fallen for anyone because he gained a texting pal named MIKI. Coincidentally, when the super popular Juji  is sending a text to someone he changes his expression to a happy one and Yui sees him… A collection of short stories.

Niichan Icchatte!

Niichan Icchatte! by Asou Mizuho (Yaoi) | Buy
Yuuta lives together with his two step-brothers, Tomoaki and Takayuki. But their life together is far from a quiet one. So what happens when Yuuta gets angry one day because Takayuki won’t stop sticking to him? And how is Tomoaki involved in it? A story about a not so innocent brotherly love!

Ore ga Neko wo Kaburu no wo Yameta Riyu

Ore ga Neko wo Kaburu no wo Yameta Riyu by Ikuyasu (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Blackmail Like by everybody, the popular Taku-kun’s life is going smoothly, except for Sasaki Yuya. He’s the only person who avoids him despite all of Taku’s attempts to interact with him.

Romanticer’s High

Romanticer’s High by Shimojo Mitsuki (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Kaitou and Azuma are salesmen at a company who don’t seem to get along. Kaitou decides to take Azuma drinking to try and figure out why everyone is gaga over him when Kaitou knows he’s not so bad himself.


Sick by Kurahashi Tomo | Buy
/!\ sekuhara | He’s good-looking, he’s suave and he comes from a rich family. Everything is all smooth-sailing in Sudou’s life. However, the highlight of his day is always teasing socially crippled Kishi, who shares the same seminar as him.

Star Right

Star Right by Ougi Yuzuha (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Maxime is Japan’s top pop group right now, gaining fans everywhere. Mari and Kyouhei are idols, band mates, and sex friends… or is it more than that?



Free! dj – SO RIN LOVE !! by Kawana Mario, circle: LioiL [SouRin] | Buy
A real-life BL story unfolds in front of Nitori’s eyes!!