Character: Shy Character

Kiss Shite Yowamushi-kun

Kiss Shite Yowamushi-kun by Tomono Kasa (Yaoi) | Buy
Short and unpopular Sawa gets his first love confession. And it’s from Ono, a good-looking MAN. He even went so far as to follow Sawa to his workplace and then has the nerve to say “Just forget it”. In any case, he’s a timid one. So what was up with that outrageous confession?!

Ningyo no Iru Keshiki

Ningyo no Iru Keshiki by Koko Suwaru (OS, Shonen Ai) | Buy
OS from Kuchibiru Mellow: A guy falls in love with an aquarium diver at first sight, and he does his best to court him.