Character: Delinquents

Highlight to see the hidden warnings.

Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa by Jaryuu Dokuro (Yaoi) | Buy
The cute love story between the model student Oono and the dense and adorable delinquent Takeuchi.

Ani no Chuukoku

Ani no Chuukoku by Asada Nemui (Drama, Slife of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Blood, Incest, Violence 10 years has passed since his one and only brother has gone missing. Tsuzuki’s lived a carefree life with his bad friends. However, one day his brother, Hajime appears in front of him and…?!

Ashita wa Docchi Da!

Ashita wa Docchi Da! by Yamamoto Kotetsuko (Drama, Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Kirara, seen as a cute girly boy by others, wants to be cool and manly! When two cool boys move in nearby he starts to follow them around. As they grow up together, Kirara realizes he’s in love with the younger brother, Ken.

Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu

Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu by Sasamaru Yuuge (Fluff, Humor, Yaoi) | Buy
Ishigami-sensei has a secret. He’s lived for twenty-eight years desperately hiding this complex, but after an unexpected turn of events, student Hanai found out! Ishigami asked him to not tell anyone, but for Hanai who’s bearing sentiments for sensei, is this a chance to get very intimate…?!

Koisuru Taka wa Tsume o Kakusu

Koisuru Taka wa Tsume o Kakusu by Mito Hitomi (Yaoi) | Buy
On one hand there’s Takumi. He’s scary looking,strong in fights and respected by his juniors but in fact he’s sensitive to the point of crying at every opportunity. On the other hand there’s Natsuki, the “protector” appointed to Takumi. He’s always around to prevent him from getting into trouble. The two boys are childhood friends and ever since Takumi came to his aid, when they were kids, Natsuki has been in love with him. He has no intention of ever revealing his true feelings but due to a strange combination of circumstances, Natsuki ends up stealing Takumi’s first kiss! When an innocent Takumi suddenly becomes aware of his feelings and publicly asks Natsuki to go out with him, his surprise has no bounds…!

Shinobeba Koi

Shinobeba Koi by Yukue Moegi (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Toranosuke, tired of the monotony of everyday life, takes a walk one night and is beckoned over by the leader of the town’s motorcycle gang. But in a gang with the implicit rule of “no favorites”, Toranosuke finds trouble brewing between himself and some members of the gang…

The Ravenous Dog is the Master’s Demand

The Ravenous Dog is the Master’s Demand by Takewaka Tomoharu (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\subdom No summary.

Yoru mo Hi mo Akenai

Yoru mo Hi mo Akenai by Michinoku Atami (OS, Yaoi)
/!\Blood, Violence Yoshio and Tenma’s fights have a rule : the loser will have to lend his ass to the other.


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