Character: Dense Character

Boku no Ano Ko

Boku no Ano Ko by Yuzuya Haruhi (Yaoi) | Buy
Amakura Chigusa has been engaged to Aki-chan since he was very young, and he’s been looking forward to marrying her his entire life. Unfortunately, she turns out to be a he.

Florist no Koi wa Saku

Florist no Koi wa Saku by Yoshi | Buy
The love of a kind florist and a blond, young man.

Koi to wa yosou ga

Koi to wa yosou ga by Kanda Neko (Oneshot, Fluff, Shonen Ai) | Buy
No summary.

Maigo no Kare to Kuma no Onegai

Maigo no Kare to Kuma no Onegai by Kuju Siam | Buy
/!\ Assault | Ronet, who lost his home due to conflict, rescues the beautiful youth Bear from a neighborhood thug. Bear, completely ignorant of the real world, asks Ronet to act as his guide to his homeland, but he refuses. Bear then transforms into a stuffed toy before Ronet’s very eyes?!

Samishigariya no Love Letter

Samishigariya no Love Letter by Nanoka | Buy
Ch3 & 4: Sakura’s childhood friend, Hina-chan, is coming to his school!! Sakura is thrilled to be able to spend his days with him, but Hinata soon falls in love with someone and is planning to confess!!! Who is this person??!

The Killer

The Killer by Kanai Kei | Buy
When Yuuya receives unwanted attention from a customer at the bar where he works, one of the bar’s regulars, Haibara comes to his rescue. Yuuya falls in love with Haibara, but how will he be able to confess his feelings when Haibara sees Yuuya’s attitude towards him as nothing more than an act?



Daiya no A dj – THERAPY DOG by Peririko, circle: POW! [] (Oneshot, Shonen Ai) | Buy
No summary.


Free! dj – SO RIN LOVE !! by Kawana Mario, circle: LioiL [SouRin] | Buy
A real-life BL story unfolds in front of Nitori’s eyes!!

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty

Free! dj – Waking Up Sleeping Beauty by Sasahara Rena, circle: 07Koubou [SouRin] (Oneshot, Yaoi)
“My friend was kissed and confessed to by someone he regards as a friend…” After being kissed by Sousuke, who said he loved him, Rin seeks advise from Nagisa and Rei.

MidoTan! 0131

Yowamushi Pedal dj – MidoTan! 0131 by チコッツ, circle: daisy [MidoSaka] (Oneshot, Humor, Yaoi) | Buy
This is Midousuji’s birthday and Sakamichi invited guests over to celebrate it… But all Midousuji wants is to spend some alone time with Sakamichi.