Genre: Angst



Death Note dj – Call by Hitomi, circle: H-eichi- [MattMello] (OS, Angst, Romance, Yaoi)
After a dream of them being parted, Matt comforts Mello and reflects. Matt x Mello. R-18, introspection, hurt/comfort, comfort sex.

Bunshi Dreamer

Free! dj – Bunshi Dreamer by Magu, circle: nonagl [HaruMako]
In the media, Rin is always by Haru’s side. How would it be if Makoto had continued swimming competitively?

Because, with you

Free! dj – Because, with you by Namazakana, circle: Go [MakoHaru] | Buy
Feeling like a burden to his dear friend, Haru, Makoto decides to give him some space and starts dating a girl from Iwatobi. Confused and in pain, Haru spirals down into bad sleeping and eating habits that lead him to get sick.

Free! dj – God’s Gift by Masuda Tomeko, circle: MASUDAYA [HaruMako] (OS, Yaoi) | Buy
A serious and malancholic story about Makoto who’s suffering from false pregnancy.

Ichibyou Aida no Rendezvous

Haikyuu!! dj – Ichibyou Byoukan no Rendezvous by Gusari (kizu Natsuki), circle: Sashikizu [IwaOi] (Oneshot, Angst, Romance, Shonen Ai) | Buy
No summary.

Sour Boy’s Bitter Blues

Haikyuu!! dj – Sour Boy’s Bitter Blues by Hokke, circle: CHOCOLATE HOKKE [OiIwa] | Buy
Keeping in their hearts the feelings of anxiety and unease teenagers tend to experience.

Sekai de Ichiban Mijikai I Love You

Haikyuu!! dj – Sekai de Ichiban Mijikai I Love You by Kodaka Kazuma, circle: K2COMPANY [DaiSuga, background AsaNoya] | Buy
Sugawara decides to confess his love for Daichi on graduation day.

The Evil of Sadness

Kuroko no Basuke dj – The Evil of Sadness by Ogeretsu Tanaka, circle: Ogeretsu [AoKise] | Buy
Getting married, raising children, building a happy home… that’s the kind of happiness a normal person wants. Something Kise and Aomine can’t have.

Free! dj – Now is not the time to break up by Seri, circle: spencer [HaruMako] (Oneshot, Yaoi) | Buy
A sweet doujinshi about adult Makoto & Haruka who have reached again a deciding moment in their life regarding their future.

Waiting For You At The Last March

Haikyuu!! dj – Waiting For You At The Last March by 一ノ瀬ゆま, circle: 別册バリボー [OiIwa] | Buy
I’ll be waiting for you as many times as I need to.

During Intermission

K Project dj – During Intermission 🔑 by Shimada, circle: d:mix [AkiSaru] (Oneshot, Angst, Drama, Shonen Ai) | Buy
When your dreams cross over into reality. (Are you awake or are you dreaming?) When your desires spill over and manifest. (What is it that you truly desire?) A twisted love story. (Liar.)


Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Farewell by Chiruchiru, circle: 散々 [EruRi] | Buy
It’s time to say goodbye.

Rainy Town

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Rainy Town by Takatomi Kazuki, circle: Yatagarasu [RivaEre]
Just this once, he didn’t act the way I expected him to.

Rainy Town 2

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Rainy Town 2 by Takatomi Kazuki, circle: Yatagarasu [RivaEre] | Buy
Rainy Town sequel. “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never seen the world.”

Rainy Town 3

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Rainy Town 3 by Takatomi Kazuki, circle: Yatagarasu [RivaEre] | Buy
Eren, this time I won’t let you go.

Sewing Flower

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Sewing Flower by Mauki, circle: Oratorio [RivaEre]
In sickness and in health… I will stay by your side.

Sangaku-kun x Sakamichi-kun #001

Yowamushi Pedal dj – Sangaku-kun x Sakamichi-kun #001 by Shino, circle: EQ:material [SanSaka]
After the events of the Interhigh, Manami finds it difficult to face Onoda due to the route his conflicted feelings take. Meanwhile, Onoda gets the wrong idea from the other’s constant silence…


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