Job & Lifestyle: Yakuza

Ani no Chuukoku

Ani no Chuukoku by Asada Nemui (Drama, Slife of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Blood, Incest, Violence 10 years has passed since his one and only brother has gone missing. Tsuzuki’s lived a carefree life with his bad friends. However, one day his brother, Hajime appears in front of him and…?!

Kakugo wo Kimete

Kakugo wo Kimete by Watarumi Naho, Miike Romuco (Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Tetsu is the son of a Yakuza boss who yearns for a ‘sweet love’, and meets his exact type of man, Senou. Senou, however, makes his living scamming people, and in turn, attempts to force Tetsu into making an adult video. A strong couple appears; “A no need to hold back” kind of chivalrous love! The story of Tetsu’s childhood friend Tomoki and his Mathematics teacher, Sahara, is included.

Never Let Go

Never Let Go by Takumi You (Drama, Romance, Yaoi)| Buy
Tattoo artist Hyakkei received an unusual request— His childhood friend Kaoru, next in line to succeed his yakuza clan, asks him to tattoo a dragon on his back.With skin of pure white, he warmly shook Hyakkei’s heart. The memory of their summer as 18 year-olds reawaken at their reunion.

Nigatsu no Eden

Nigatsu no Eden by Kiyuhiko (Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
An artist picks up a tattooed man off the streets. Though their relationship develops fruitfully, circumstances from the past conspire to tear them apart.


Traces by Kiyuhiko (OS, Drama, Yaoi)
Anno Tsukasa talked once to his classmate, after seeing the tattoo covering his back.

Yasashii Anata...

Yasashii Anata… by Nishida Higashi (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Violence Harumoto, advisor to yakuza boss Taniguchi, is known for his street smarts and short temper. But he has a softer side, and when he meets Mizuta sensei in a nightclub, he begins to dream of romance with this classy intellectual who seems to be from another world.

Yasashii Epilogue

Yasashii Epilogue by Mochimeko | Buy
Kouda , who lives as a cafeteria worker back in the country side, meets Nojima, the ex-leader of the notorious Nojima group! But contrary to his reputation, Nojima asks Kouda to eat with him every day, and he can’t seem to sleep by himself because of the ghosts rumors.

Yume no Kuni in My Darling

Yume no Kuni in My Darling by Abe Akane | Buy
Ch6 (os): Yakuza Kitayama is bored of women. He’s found a new interest in Ryouichi, a broke host, who will pay his debt with his body.