Jobs & Lifestyle: Detective/Police Officer

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Ai no Binzoko

Ai no Binzoko by Kakine | Buy
Detective Hishima’s lover is former colleague and detective, Enokizu. The two are still sore over an unresolved incident that occurred 3 years ago that caused Enokizu to quit his job as a detective. The story of heart-throbbing, imperfect love.

First Kiss

First Kiss by Nishida Higashi
Yumino is a straight arrow police detective, and Yuri is a shady lawyer. They met in high school, and once again at the funeral for Yumino’s wife, Ao. Yuri was in love with Yumino in high school, but what we don’t suspect is how tangled the ties are between them. Another satisfying story about grown-up men.

Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da

Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da by Tateno Makoto | Buy
A policeman and Kaitou’s chasing love story. In the day, he’s a gentle coffee shop owner. At night, he is a charismatic thief…

Double Hound

Double Hound by Haji | Buy
/!\Blood, Prostitution, Violence Searching for info on drug selling, ring leader Leaguer gets found out. Luckily, Yakumo, a call boy who was present at the time, helps him. Hoping to get more info, Leauger wants to get close to Yakumo, but things are never as innocent as they seem.

Spicy & Sugary

Spicy & Sugary by Akira Norikazu | Buy
Nagai, detective at the MPD, is living with his high-school classmate, Kitahara. The stubborn Nagai and the fickle Kitahara weren’t friends back in the day, but when they met by chance, Kitahara shamelessly invited himself to go live with Nagai saying that he got chased out by his roommate.


Please, Kuroko-sensei

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Please, Kuroko-sensei by Fujino Marumo, circle: inumog [AoKuro] | Buy
Please, Kuroko-sensei, wear your apron! (In which Aomine is a policeman who has a uniform fetish.)