Jobs & Lifestyle: Gardens & Flowers

Ano hi, Seifuku de by Mochimeko (Shonen Ai) | Buy
As a child, Isao was inspired by Aiko, a florist, and fell in love with flowers. Now an adult, he quits his job as a director to open a flower shop. He meets another flower lover, who happens to be Aiko’s widower and their young kids.

Florist no Koi wa Saku

Florist no Koi wa Saku by Yoshi | Buy
The love of a kind florist and a blond, young man.

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu by Ryouko (Shonen Ai, Slice of Life) | Buy
While studying horticulture in England, Minoru lands an internship as the assistant to Sakura Yuji. However, despite Makoto’s stellar grades in school, Sakura has only been using him for common chores and cleaning up his personal belongings.

Kimiiro Eden

Kimiiro Eden by Aomoto Sari (Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
Iga is a famous landscaper. But for some reason, he was left out of a big project and was appointed to be foreman of a small garden in the outskirts. Growing tired of it, Iga couldn’t accept that fact but when he met a client named Asakura, something in him is starting to change…

Ringo, Ki kara Ochiru

Ringo, Ki kara Ochiru by Inutoki (Drama, Humor, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Rape in Ch4 Collection of oneshots.

World's End no Niwa

World’s End no Niwa by Motteke (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Mutou, a uni student, started living alone. He spends his free time with his neighbor, Uematsu, a translator living in an old house haunted by the past — he has someone important that he can’t forget… Will Uematsu be able to open up to Mutou at the end?