Kinks & Interests: First Time

From first kiss to first more.

Akiyama kun

Akiyama kun by Nobara Aiko (Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
/!\Bullying When Shiba Daisuke confesses to his delinquent upperclassman Akiyama-kun in front of all of Akiyama’s friends, getting beat up and ridiculed would maybe be understandable. But the events that follow are nowhere near what any of them would expect.

Arashi-kun to Keiichi-kun

Arashi-kun to Keiichi-kun by Kine (OS, PWP, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Shota x shota No summary.

Darenimo Naisho de

Darenimo Naisho de by Sakura Riko | Buy
Maki, a popular and good-looking dude, but a virgin. Despite his playboy looks, he believes that sex should be done with someone you like. And by some accident, his classmate Miyashita found out about him being a virgin. In exchange for his silence, Maki is threatened into going out with him.

Gomen ne Idol-kun

Gomen ne Idol-kun by Kojima Lalako | Buy – ongoing
Genki has finally made his debut in an idol group, “Sexy Dangerous”, attributing to their characters, but really, he’s as clumsy as a 15 year old can get. One day, he walks in on the member he has a secret crush on having xxx with his rival in the music room! Idol-senpai, Suzuhara, notices his broken heart and Genki’s emotions start to sway, but it seems that he’s only being treated like a child?!

I love you, Coward

I love you, Coward by Sakura Riko (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Due to his scary face, Shougo has been alone since entering university. But unexpected events lead him to become close with Hina, from the same university. Shougo, elated at the fact he’s become friends with the cool and kind Hina, finds out that Hina has a “love allergy”?!

Inu to Tsubame

Inu to Tsubame by Amagakure Gido (Drama, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
Kaede is mourning the loss of his brother when he is reunited with his childhood friend Noro. Kaede shares his suspicion that he may have caused his brother’s death. Noro recommends animal therapy and lets Kaede use him as a pet dog. But one day, the dog suddenly kisses his owner…?

Nakenai Usotsuki

Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da by Ogeretsu Tanaka | Buy
Finally after 32 years of being a virgin, I got my first boyfriend! My boyfriend, who is a college student, is really cute but he’s really eager in asking me to kiss when we’re out. Could it be he’s gotten the wrong idea and thinks I’m ‘used’ to it? Isn’t this a bit, no, REALLY bad? (+ other os)

Korotto Ochita

Korotto Ochita by Kanda Neko | Buy
Ever since Kazunari, the bar manager, put Ui under his protection, their relationship has been full of love and hugs. Even so, Kazunari’s love philosophy is ‘complicated’, so he constantly denies his feelings. Despite all this, Ui does not give up. Can this relationship become something more?

First Kiss

First Kiss by Nishida Higashi
Yumino is a straight arrow police detective, and Yuri is a shady lawyer. They met in high school, and once again at the funeral for Yumino’s wife, Ao. Yuri was in love with Yumino in high school, but what we don’t suspect is how tangled the ties are between them. Another satisfying story about grown-up men.

 Ore no Doukyuusei ga Binkan Sugite Yabai!

Ore no Doukyuusei ga Binkan Sugite Yabai! by Harada (Yaoi) | Buy
A pair of high schoolers decide to experiment by giving each other blowjobs. One wants to escalate to something more, but the other isn’t sure…

Shinshi to Norainu

Shinshi to Norainu by Tennouji Mio (Yaoi) | Buy
Playboy Banri has a one-night stand with Masaomi, a serious businessman who wants to be himself for one night before getting into an arranged marriage. Banri, having discovered Masaomi’s cute and honest side, decides to chase after him.

Souteigai Love Serendipity

Souteigai Love Serendipity by Meco (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Kiyomizu is tricked by Karasuma into a mixer with young and feisty girls. Sensing that he’s going to be devoured by them, he devises a plan and desperate tells them that he is gay, and then continues to give Karasuma a kiss to prove that he wasn’t joking.

Ukkari Cherry

Ukkari Cherry by Ootsuki Miu | Buy
/!\ Drunk sex, Pressured consent | Collection of oneshots. Ch1: Niko is a popular guy in school because of his bad boy image. When Monaka, the head of the public morals committee catches Niko smoking, he says he can overlook it if Niko does him a favor…

Zutto Issho ni Kurashimashou

Zutto Issho ni Kurashimashou by Kitazawa Kyou | Buy
It was definitely out of the blue. Manato, my favorite brother, is adopted?! Even so, I still sleep beside him, just like when we were little, because I couldn’t leave the brokenhearted Masato alone― His slender waist leaning against me; His hair which feels so soft and fluffy and his sexy expression when looking at me… I can’t think of Manato as my elder brother!!


Dining All Night

Digimon dj – Dining All Night by Nobita Nobi, circle: Gekkou Touzoku [Taichi x Yamato] (OS, Yaoi)
No summary.

Boy at Puberty

Free! dj – Boy at Puberty by Nimoda Ai, circle: Otawamure GO!GO! [MakoHaru] (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Underage A young Makoto finds himself talking to his classmates about a certain adult magazine that illustrates someone that does not only look like his best friend Haruka, but also holds the same name as him.

Finally My Parents And Younger Brother Went Out And Nobody Is At Home

Free! dj – First Time by 1103, circle: Karappo [RinRei] (PWP, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Rei invites Rin over while his parents are away. But it’s Rei we’re talking about, he has no ulterior motive. Or maybe he does.

Möbius Loop

Free! dj – Möbius Loop by Yamano, circle: Phlodexy [SouRin] (OS, Yaoi) | Buy
Rin and Sousuke are both prepared to be the bottom.

Secret Touch

Free! dj – Secret Touch by Tomoe Kiko, circle: Dolce Einsatz [HaruRin] | Buy
/!\ Shota x Shota | Haru and Rin discover their bodies… and each other’s bodies.

A Date, Right?!

Haikyuu!! dj – A Date, Right?! by Juewangguan [KageHi] (OS, Fluff, Shonen Ai) | Buy
Kageyama and Hinata go on their first date, but Kageyama has no idea what he’s supposed to do on a date.

Curiosity is a Child’s Right

Haikyuu!! dj – Curiosity is a Child’s Right by Kawana Mario, circle: LioiL [OiIwaOi] | Buy
No summary.

I want to see you on Monday after school

Haikyuu!! dj – I want to see you on Monday after school by Takashima Taku, circle: 若妻公園設営部隊 [OiHina] | Buy
Oikawa drags Hinata to a date.

Kurai Kurai Mabushii

Haikyuu!! dj – Kurai Kurai Mabushii by Souji, circle: Q-be [KageHi] | Buy
During a stormy night, Hinata is stuck at Kageyama’s place.

Monday anniversary

Haikyuu!! dj – Monday anniversary by Takashima Taku, circle: 若妻公園設営部隊 [HinaOi] | Buy
NSFW continuation of “I want to see you on Monday after school”.

Seishun Nonstop!

Haikyuu!! dj – Seishun Nonstop! by Yuchitose, circle: Ichikabachika [LevYaku] (OS, Fluff, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Lev and Yaku “become adults” together.

Sky Blue SODA

Haikyuu!! dj – Sky Blue SODA by Kodaka Kazuma, circle: K2COMPANY [AsaNoya] | Buy
Asahi needs to recharge his “Nishinoya energy”! He invites his boyfriend to a sleepover while his parents are gone.

Marriage Press Conference

Hetalia dj – Marriage Press Conference by Sakiika, circle: Koutetsuro [GerIta] | Buy
Germany and Italy are lovers now. Ludwig must follow The Beginners’s Guide to Dating… unless it’s not such a good idea?

HikaAki Hotspring

Hikaru no Go dj – HikaAki Hotspring by Onda Akemi, circle: Kakuu Sekai [HikaAki] (OS, Yaoi)
No summary.

With Me

Hunter x Hunter dj – With Me by Multiple Authors[GonKiru] (Oneshot, Fluff, Smut, Yaoi)
/!\Shota x Shota Killua x Gon anthology with many stories by various artists! The theme is Killua and Gon hitting puberty and starting to get curious about each other’s bodies.

Anata no kawaii hitoni naritai

Inazuma Eleven GO dj – Anata no kawaii hitoni naritai by Io, circle: HYSTERIC SPIDER [TenTsuru] | Buy
No summary.

Starting off Living together

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure dj – Starting off Living together by あつ湯, circle: 1000+10 [Joseph x Caesar]
After having his apartment flooded, Joseph Joestar has to live with his neighbor down stairs, Caesar Zeppeli. But the two of them don’t get along.

Before the Caramel Ribbon Comes Undone

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Before the Caramel Ribbon Comes Undone by Ogeretsu Tanaka, circle: Ogeretsu [AoKise] | Buy
AoKise’s awkward and lovely first times.

I’m Telling You, I Can’t Wait

Kuroko no Basuke dj – I’m Telling You, I Can’t Wait by Kanchi, circle: Gamanjiru-ni-Chinpaipai [KiyoHyuu] | Buy
A round of the King’s Game leads to Kiyoshi being taken to the infirmary. Hyuuga then decides to give Kiyoshi his “first time.”


Neon Genesis Evangelion dj – IN MY ROOM by Yuki Hina, circle: pieta [KawoShin] | Buy
Consensual Animeverse Kawoshin

Futari nara Dekiru mon!

THE iDOLM@STER dj – Futari nara Dekiru mon! by Hata, circle: Tata [Shiro x Nao] | Buy
/!\ Shota x Shota | Shiro and Nao find some pervy magazines.

Fox Cries on the First Night

Touken Ranbu dj – Fox Cries on the First Night by Gesshi, circle: CrashRush [KogiMika] | Buy
No summary.


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