Kinks & Interests: Masturbation

Arashi-kun to Keiichi-kun

Arashi-kun to Keiichi-kun by Kine (OS, PWP, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Shota x shota No summary.

Ukkari Cherry

Ukkari Cherry by Ootsuki Miu | Buy
/!\ Drunk sex, Pressured consent | Collection of oneshots. Ch2: Kamiya and Natsume are part of the same circle in school. Why does Kamiya keeps on jerking off in front of Natsume when they’re alone? And why does Natsume let him?


In a Toilet

Daiya no A dj – In a Toilet by Kimidori, circle: mannendoko [MiyuSawa] | Buy
Miyuki gets trapped in the bathroom and overhears someone jerking off in the next stall — and it turns out to be Sawamura!

Secret Touch

Free! dj – Secret Touch by Tomoe Kiko, circle: Dolce Einsatz [HaruRin] | Buy
/!\Shota x shota Haru and Rin discover their bodies… and each other’s bodies.

Haikyuu!! dj – AKBK by mocoka & Sako, circle: MAKAKA & MICROMACRO [AkaBoku] (Oneshot, Yaoi)
First story: Bokuto gets Akaashi to watch him jerk off and things escalate from there. Second Story: Akaashi helps Bokuto work off his excess energy.

On lonely nights…

Kuroko no Basuke dj – On lonely nights… by 星野るみあ, circle: sweet berry [AoKaga] | Buy 
Kagami goes to America to visit his father. Aomine feels lonely without him, he decides to use one of Kagami’s shirts to comfort him…

Tsukishima-kun wa Benkyouchuu

Haikyuu!! dj – Tsukishima-kun wa Benkyouchuu by Macho, circle: cinnamon [KuroTsuki] (Oneshot, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy 
Even though they’re both male, Tsukishima and Kuroo have gone all the way, and it felt good. Google tells Tsukishima the pleasure from prostate stimulation is normal, but he can’t achieve the same feeling alone…

I can’t Do It Alone!

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – I can’t Do It Alone! by Momoe, 3u, circle: Marigold [Jearmin] | Buy
No summary.

Sometimes the cute subordinate has to wait

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Sometimes the cute subordinate has to wait by Sinba, circle: Yinghua [RivaEre] | Buy
You have no self-control, Eren.


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