Plot Element: Afraid to Love

I love you, Coward

I love you, Coward by Sakura Riko (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Due to his scary face, Shougo has been alone since entering university. But unexpected events lead him to become close with Hina, from the same university. Shougo, elated at the fact he’s become friends with the cool and kind Hina, finds out that Hina has a “love allergy”?!

Korotto Ochita

Korotto Ochita by Kanda Neko | Buy 
Ever since Kazunari, the bar manager, put Ui under his protection, their relationship has been full of love and hugs. Even so, Kazunari’s love philosophy is ‘complicated’, so he constantly denies his feelings. Despite all this, Ui does not give up. Can this relationship become something more?

Noboseru Karada

Noboseru Karada by Minazuki Akira | Buy / Digital
Suzumi Yoshinaga has always had a complex about his body, which has been said to look like a model’s. His world gets turned upside down by a man overflowing with confidence.

Yorimichi ~ Detour

Yorimichi ~ Detour by Kazuki Rai 
Happy-go-lucky Kenta makes a terrible first impression when he confesses to Makoto at the cultural festival. Still, he manages to stay in touch with him, and soon, Makoto starts to enjoy the time they spend together…


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