Plot Element: Jealousy

Dokusen Kenrisho

Dokusen Kenrisho by Kousaka Akiho (Yaoi) | Buy
Misaki, who’s working for an advertising agency falls in love at first sight with Masahiro’s posture when he sees him by chance on the street and scouts him as a model. While working together, Misaki came to love and be possessive towards Masahiro, but one day he is suddenly kissed by him…?!

Honey Sour Flavor

Honey Sour Flavor by Nomoto Nagina (Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Sexual harassment Imai, a member of the Track and Field Club at his university, endures every day perverted remarks from the coach, Hayashida. Although he’s always responded coldly, after hearing stories about Hayashida’s school days, Imai’s interest is unknowingly sparked…

Kitto Kiss wo Suru Toki

Kitto Kiss wo Suru Toki by Kanda Neko (Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
When Shin overhears girls fawning over his childhood friend Mitsuya, and the little brother he dotes on, Satoru, he can’t help but overthink it. But why does it feel so troubled?

Sweet Crazy Days

Sweet Crazy Days by Mofumofu Edako (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.


Bunshi Dreamer

Free! dj – Bunshi Dreamer by Magu, circle: nonagl [HaruMako]
In the media, Rin is always by Haru’s side. How would it be if Makoto had continued swimming competitively?

Pitter Patter 314

Free! dj – Pitter Patter 314 by Nanjou Papiko, circle: CACHE-CACHE [MakoHaru] | Buy
Possessive Mako & Clueless Haru.

Sakura Jealousy

Free! dj – Sakura Jealousy by カウカウ, circle: B-LUSH [MakoHaru] | Buy
Haruka and Rin are shooting their album cover, which makes Makoto jealous.

The One I Love The Most In This World Is You!

Free! dj – The One I Love The Most In This World Is You! by Takeda, circle: Enka karushiumu [SouRin] | Buy
A STYLE FIVE!Rin and Actor!Sousuke setting.

Nandodemo Kimi ni Erabareru

Haikyuu!! dj – Nandodemo Kimi ni Erabareru by Momose An, circle: Ama-ai [KageHi] (OS, Romance, Shonen Ai) | Buy
College AU.


Haikyuu!! dj – NEKO*NEKOxCONCERTO by Hibino Tomoki, circle: OMEGA 2-D [KuroKen] (OS, Humor, Yaoi) | Buy
Kenma gets moody, Kuro responds with a kabe-don.

fine line

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure dj – fine line by 黒田壱, circle: kunifusa [JoKa] (OS, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Strawberry Kiss

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Strawberry Kiss by 星野るみあ, circle: sweet berry [AoKaga] | Buy
Kagami waits for Aomine to show up so they can play basketball, but he smells something sweet on Aomine and it’s not the candy…

Yakimochi Kareshi

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Yakimochi Kareshi by Sasahara Rena, circle: 07KOUBOU [AoKise, background KagaKuro] (OS, Fluff, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Yumekara Samete Mote o Tsunaide

Touken Ranbu dj – Yumekara Samete Mote o Tsunaide by Juri, circle: AEVUM [KaneHori] (OS, Fluff, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.