Plot Element: Love Triangle

Amaeru Kubiwa

Amaeru Kubiwa by Coco Suwaru (Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Ch4-5: a story on infidelity and love triangles, Yurete, Fureru Made: A bitter tale about adults.

Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu

Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu by Itz (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Oushirou has held years of unrequited love for his childhood friend. He seeks comfort from Inamura, a man with a loose personality he meets at a bar.


Despicable by Psyche Delico (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Alt Title: Inu mo Kuwanai. Even a dog won’t get involved in a quarrel among 3 men who aren’t satisfied.

Fuuki no Okite

Fuuki no Okite by Koujima Naduki (Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
/!\Sexual Harassment On the first day of high school, because of a conditioned response, Kunie Hokuto injured Yachigusa Shissa, the disciplinary committee chairman feared by students throughout the school. He listens to Shissa’s remarks and agrees to be appointed to stay with him as his servant, in compensation for the injury. In addition, without knowing why, he is designated as a first-year representative to the disciplinary committee, but the disciplinary committee vice chairman, Shissa’s younger brother, Zento, declares, “I do not approve”…!?


Hatarakimasen! by Yamada Yugi (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
When Shiomi’s workplace goes bankrupt, his college junior, the rich Ikeuchi, suggests that he moves in with him without paying a rent, as if he were his wife.

Kataomoi to Parade

Kataomoi to Parade by Miyoshi Ayato (Angst, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Close friends since childhood, Touma has a long intensifying unrequited love for Takaya. Though he has a rough personality, Touma thinks like a maiden and is hurt by his self-deprecation as he cannot express his love. And it doesn’t help that Takaya has gotten himself a girlfriend.


Koimonogatari by Tagura Tohru | Buy – ongoing
Hasegawa Yuiji accidentally finds out that his classmate Yamato is gay. Eventually, he realizes Yamato’s gaze is directed towards an unattainable love. From a study group together Yuiji finds out that Yamato is a “pretty nice guy”, and starts wishing for his happiness…!?

Kitto Kiss wo Suru Toki

Kitto Kiss wo Suru Toki by Kanda Neko (Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
When Shin overhears girls fawning over his childhood friend Mitsuya, and the little brother he dotes on, Satoru, he can’t help but overthink it. But why does it feel so troubled?

Love and Baseball

Love and Baseball by Yamamoto Kotetsuko | Buy
Let onto the team, and then quickly sent back to the second string players… An unlucky man. Is Sakagou’s season about to open?!


Otona-chan by Umiyuki Lily | Buy – ongoing
High school student, “Otona-chan” is popular among both guys and girls with his cute looks. But instead of being treated like a child, he wants to be treated like an adult and really admires cool adults. And then comes a student teacher to his class, who is very much adult-like and he falls hard…

Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo

Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo by Takaoka Nanaroku (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Sekiya never had a problem with his kyuudo club teammates, until he overhears Nagashima saying that he hates Sekiya. After that, neither of them can concentrate on archery, and so the club president Tatsumi tells them to become friends by holding hands on their way from school.

Yuukyuu no Kanata

Yuukyuu no Kanata by Watanabe Asia (Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.


Radiant Triangle

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Radiant Triangle by Kon, circle: Nb [AoKuro, KagaKuro] (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.


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