Plot Element: Nursing the sick

In which person A takes care of sick/hurt person B.

Gosan de Fukou na Gojitsudan

Gosan de Fukou na Gojitsudan by Ogawa Chise
A very sexy, sweet, CUTE doujinshi called “Gosan de Fukou na Gojitsudan” revolving around the two Udou brothers and their respective lovers from her stories, “Gosan no Heart” and “Owaranai Fukou nitsute no Hanashi”.


Torch by Harada (OS, Romance, Yaoi)
/!\Violence A stabbed man meets his angel.


I do it because I like it

Free! dj – I do it because I like it by Egi, circle: empty [SouMomo]
A normal school day for Momotarou would turn very differently from what falls into his routine when after stumbling on Sousuke after PA class he ends up being taken care of and protected by said friend.

39 Degree Cat

Haikyuu!! dj – 39 Degree Cat by °c, circle: degree [KuroKen] (OS, Fluff, Shonen Ai) | Buy
Kenma has a fever.

If I disappear from the world

Haikyuu!! dj – If I disappear from the world by Karakuri, circle: Negura [KuroKen] (OS, Drama, Shonen Ai) | Buy
/!\BloodWhat would happen if Kenma didn’t exist?

Kyou Dake Desu ka?

Haikyuu!! dj – Kyou Dake Desu ka? by Uino, circle: AURORA [BokuAka] (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Bokuto’s sick so Akaashi nurses him back to health. There’s sex involved for some reason.

So Happy I Could Die

Haikyuu!! dj – So Happy I Could Die by Mizuyuki, circle: Diethelm [OiIwa] | Buy
After spraining his ankle, Oikawa wants his lover to pamper him.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure dj – Kaleidoscope by Miyamoto Rin, circle: NIKOMI [JoKa] | Buy
Kakyoin got his eyes injured. Jotaro visits him at the hospital.


Kuroko no Basuke dj – Melodramatic by Mitsuki Fumi, circle: Bakuchi Jinsei SP [KiseKasa] | Buy
When Kise’s injury takes a turn for the worse during the finals, he is quickly brought to the hospital. Kasamatsu decides to stay overnight to look after his teammate, and they begin talking about things that perhaps should have been brought up before now.


Phoenix Wright dj – Rakuen by Riku, circle: TOKIYA [NaruMitsu] (OS, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi)
No summary.


Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Reflection by Hinako, circle: A.M. Sweet [EreRi] (Yaoi) | Buy
Levi gives special treatment to a tired Eren, whose body is weakened by his training and experiments as a titan.

Whispers in the rainy night

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Whispers in the rainy night by Tomomo, circle: Heat Boy [EreRi] (Oneshot, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
You were absolute, Captain, never wavering, always strong.


Tiger & Bunny dj – 38.5 by Uka, circle: unique [Kotetsu x Barnaby] (OS, Fluff, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
A cute, helpless sick Kotetsu with an attempting to be domestic Bunny

Sora mo Keburu Yoru

Tiger & Bunny dj – Sora mo Keburu Yoru by Katou Setsuko, circle: Shiro Note [Kotetsu x Barnaby] (OS, Fluff, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

A Fever of 39°

Tokyo Ghoul dj – A Fever of 39° by 猫町さん, circle: おさしみ [HideKane] (OS, Fluff, Shonen Ai) | Buy
No summary.