Relationship: Boss x Employee

Don’t Cry My Baby

Don’t Cry My Baby by Nishida Higashi (Drama, Historical, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Consent change, Murder, Rape in last oneshot A collection of stories.

Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu

Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu by Sasamaru Yuuge (Fluff, Humor, Yaoi) | Buy
Ishigami-sensei has a secret. He’s lived for twenty-eight years desperately hiding this complex, but after an unexpected turn of events, student Hanai found out! Ishigami asked him to not tell anyone, but for Hanai who’s bearing sentiments for sensei, is this a chance to get very intimate…?!

Hisho to Shachou no Himitsugoto

Hisho to Shachou no Himitsugoto by Narusaka Rin | Buy
Takemiya is working as a secretary for the Young President, Iwase. Compared to his gorgeous looks and capabilities, Iwase is an airhead and his honest side is totally cute! The younger dog, Takemiya, is madly in love with that President and always gets led around by him, but…?!

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban by Kusabi Keri (Drama, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Prostitution, Sexual harassment Takaba Keisuke is an alpha that hates omegas. He transfers to a new job only to find out that his boss is an omega.

Makkurayami de Kimi to

Makkurayami de Kimi to by Takanashi Morimichi (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Takimoto dislikes his manager, Sakuma. When he finds out this flawless playboy is scared of the dark, he thinks it was all a dream, but Sakuma apologizes for his behavior and asks Takimoto a strange favor…?

Ou-sama no Koi Asobi

Ou-sama no Koi Asobi by Fujitani Youko | Buy
Corporate spy, Makino has slipped into a company called Prad as a temporary worker. But he’s then discovered by prospective CEO, Kamina. Ever since then, he is being forced to live at Kamina’s place? Extra is also included.

Renai Nenrei

Renai Nenrei by Naono Bohra (Humor, Romance, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
/!\Trans slurs Hokuto can’t seem to keep it “up” with the young cute men that he prefers. Will his subordinate Kuramoto be able to light his fire again by saying, “try me”?

Shinshi to Norainu

Shinshi to Norainu by Tennouji Mio (Yaoi) | Buy
Ch5 (os): President Tsutomu can’t get along with his uptight secretary, Eda. That is until they meet in a gay bar, where Eda, acting as a entirely different person, steals away the cute boy Tsutomu had set his eyes on!!

Tadoru Yubi

Tadoru Yubi by Takasaki Bosuko (Yaoi) | Buy
After suffering a heartbreak, Hanamura, an employee in a manufacturing company, meets Takase, the famous designer who works in collaboration with his company. It doesn’t take long for Takase to highlight Hanamura’s talent, as it doesn’t take much time to seduce him.

Yamada and Section Chief Tanaka

Yamada and Section Chief Tanaka by Natsumizu Ritsu (Fantasy, Fluff, Humor, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
Section Chief Tanaka is a zealous 30-year old who works at Oote Food’s advertsing group, is suddenly turned tiny! Yamada, a cool subordinate is tasked to look after Chief Tanaka and is very much envied by his colleagues.