Relationship: Long-distance relationship

Honey Sour Flavor

Honey Sour Flavor by Nomoto Nagina (Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Sexual harassment Imai, a member of the Track and Field Club at his university, endures every day perverted remarks from the coach, Hayashida. Although he’s always responded coldly, after hearing stories about Hayashida’s school days, Imai’s interest is unknowingly sparked…



Free! dj – Calling by Aoi Tomomi, circle: LAPISLAZULI*** [RinHaru] | Buy
Today is the day Haru gets to talk to Rin, who’s in Australia.

Higher than the SKY!

Free! dj – Higher than the SKY! by Sakurai Shushushu, circle: NO RESET CLUB [SouRin] | Buy
It’s been a month since Rin left Japan, but it feels like eternity.

Himitsu Tsuushin

Free! dj – Himitsu Tsuushin by 007, circle: 007 [MakoRei] | Buy
After graduation, Makoto moved to Tokyo. Rei hasn’t seen him in person for three months, and is feeling lonely.

Strawberry Home

Haikyuu!! dj – Strawberry Home by Macho, circle: Cinnamon [KuroTsuki] (OS, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Happy Happy Greeting

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Happy Happy Greeting by Matsumoto Azusa, circle: Komae Salon [AoKaga] | Buy
Kagami visits his family in America for New year’s eve, leaving a lonely Aomine in Japan.

On lonely nights…

Kuroko no Basuke dj – On lonely nights… by 星野るみあ, circle: sweet berry [AoKaga] | Buy
Kagami goes to America to visit his father. Aomine feels lonely without him, he decides to use one of Kagami’s shirts to comfort him…