Relationship: Picked up lover

Eiyuu to Kosodoro

Eiyuu to Kosodoro by Yumi Torinoumi (OS, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Itadakimasu Gochisousama

Itadakimasu Gochisousama by Kurahashi Tomo (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
While spending Christmas without a boyfriend, an angel-faced boy grabs my hands and says “An angel…!” to a single 31 year old like me. Could this be a present from Santa? Hiroto, a cook, picks up a 19 year old ikemen, Haru, from the streets and lets him into his share house.

Shuden Elegy

Shuden Elegy by Muno | Buy / Digital
Collection of oneshots.


Touch me Hug me Kiss me Love me

Daiya no A dj – Touch me Hug me Kiss me Love me by Kimidori, circle: Mannendoko [MiyuSawa] (OS, Drama, Fluff, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
Miyuki finds something special by the trash.

little crow

Haikyuu!! dj – little crow by Kazuki Rai, circle: Bubunhanten [KageHina] (OS, Fluff, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.