Relationship: Social gap

Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata

Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata by Sakyou Aya (Fantasy, Romance, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata sequel; Ei & Jin travel to save his cousin Sara.

Hana to Junketsu

Hana to Junketsu by Katsura Komachi (Yaoi) | Buy
I a world where vampires and humans live together, it is uncleat whether it’s hunting prey or making love, but it’s still very sweet.

Hari no Hana

Hari no Hana by Inariya Fusanosuke (Drama, Historical, Supernatural, Yaoi)
/!\Blood, Violence He has the seal of the beast carved into his skin. The story of rogue monk Ashiya Douman begins now!

Kodomo x Otona no Houteishiki

Kodomo x Otona no Houteishiki by Mayami (Fluff, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\AssaultNanjou is a divorced father with a child, Chiharu. Chiharu’s teacher from the childcare center, Aiba, ends up staying later at the Nanjou family’s place to take care of Chiharu as his ‘mom.’ How does the relationship between Nanjou and Aiba progress?As Chiharu grows up, he becomes best friends with Satoshi, another child from the childcare center. However, when his first love is unrequited, how do things between Satoshi and him change?Included one-shot:
Otome Danshi no Houkago Lesson (Girlish Boy After School Lesson)

Koi no Hajime

Koi no Hajime by Kato Setsuko (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
The recent newcomer at Naitou’s work is none other than Tsutsui, who despite being a University student, is also the son of a famous rich man. As Tsutsui tried treating Naitou to dinner and offering him things to become his friend, circumstances caused a mood of servility to sprout between them.

KuroNeko Tei Zakkichou

KuroNeko Tei Zakkichou by Aruku (Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Mad Cinderella

Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko (Humor, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy – ongoing
Teijin Sakuichi was born in a house of one of Japan’s leading conglomerates while Ryota Kishi was born and raised in a common household and lived a rather crude lifestyle. Despite this difference, they were neighbors and childhood friends that grew up together. However in the winter of their third year in middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryouta before going to study abroad. Years later, having no contact, Sakuichi suddenly appears before Ryota completely changed. Has Sakuichi forgotten all about Ryota and their proposal!?

Namida Kareru na

Namida Kareru na by Ando Romeda (Drama, Historical, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Prostitution, Slavery The story takes place in Meiji Era where Omegas were mistreated and despised for having their heat period. Maya an Omega, with an unusual color for a hair captivated an elite Alpha named Seiji.

Totsugimasen Kara!

Totsugimasen Kara! by Sunako (Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Assault Itsuki a fresh high graduate was ordered by his mother to work as a servant under the Tenmei family. Little does he know, that he was actually one of the candidates into becoming the bride of Tenmei’s young master named Jin. But competition proves to be fierce as the contenders are all male Omega from well known families while he was only from a poor ordinary household…


Houkago, Kimi to Kotaeawase o Shiyou

Final Fantasy XV dj – Houkago, Kimi to Kotaeawase o Shiyou by Nakagawa, circle: LEGO! [NoctisxPrompto] (OS, Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Kahen ni Maroi Ai wo Kasanete

Free! dj – Kahen ni Maroi Ai wo Kasanete by Narashima, circle: madoromi [MakoRin] (OS, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
An Arab parody. Makoto reevaluates his life choices.