Relationship: Step-brothers

Ani to wa Koinaka Nandesu ga.

Ani to wa Koinaka Nandesu ga. by Kurosawa Shii | Buy – ongoing
The beloved step-brother Shinichirou, who moved out when he started college… Returned home shabby, on year after quiting college! Sui, who looked up to him since childhood, wants to spend time with him, but for some reason Shinichirou is cold…

Koi Nanka Shitakunai

Koi Nanka Shitakunai by Tsukimura Kei, Itsuki Kaname (Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
When Nakajima’s mother decided to remarry he was afraid, but everything turned out to be better than expected. His older brother spoils him and they’re getting along, until Nakajima walks on his brother with another guy.

Kyoudai no Rule by Kanai Kei (Yaoi) | Buy
The story of the rule-abiding Aiba Mikage and his unrelated by blood younger brother Tomoki, who would like him to loosen up a bit.

Niichan Icchatte!

Niichan Icchatte! by Asou Mizuho (Yaoi) | Buy
Yuuta lives together with his two step-brothers, Tomoaki and Takayuki. But their life together is far from a quiet one. So what happens when Yuuta gets angry one day because Takayuki won’t stop sticking to him? And how is Tomoaki involved in it? A story about a not so innocent brotherly love!


Festina Lente

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Festina Lente by Kiro, circle: Kouko [RivaEre] | Buy
It must be hard. No matter if they confess or try to keep their feelings to themselves…

…and adopted brother

Zutto Issho ni Kurashimashou

Zutto Issho ni Kurashimashou by Kitazawa Kyou | Buy
It was definitely out of the blue. Manato, my favorite brother, is adopted?! Even so, I still sleep beside him, just like when we were little, because I couldn’t leave the brokenhearted Masato alone― His slender waist leaning against me; His hair which feels so soft and fluffy and his sexy expression when looking at me… I can’t think of Manato as my elder brother!!


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