Relationship: Incest


Daidai no Recipe

Daidai no Recipe by Yasuei (Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
Kurebe Tooru has a person whom he should not fall in love with and escapes by getting into a relationship with his university professor. Orphaned at a young age, he was brought up by his grandfather, and then his uncle after his grandfather passed away. After falling in love with his uncle, he decides to leave him to study in Tokyo, but things change when he goes back to Osaka for an old friend’s wedding…

Love like shadow stepping

Love like shadow stepping by Rocky (OS, Drama, Romance, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Incest Story of a nephew and his uncle.


Ani no Chuukoku

Ani no Chuukoku by Asada Nemui (Drama, Slife of Life, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Blood, Incest, Violence 10 years has passed since his one and only brother has gone missing. Tsuzuki’s lived a carefree life with his bad friends. However, one day his brother, Hajime appears in front of him and…?!


Door by Shunpei Nakata (OS, PWP, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Bondage, Incest BNo summary.

Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri

Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri by Agata Ito (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
/!\Incest A cashier meets a rich and good looking man in a suit who buys gay porn.

Momota-ke 4 – Renji and the brothers

Momota-ke 4 – Renji and the brothers by Mebata Shun | Buy
/!\Shota x Shota This book includes some more fun between the brothers! It’s also the first book in a story arch involving Renji of the archery club. I won’t give away much, but Renji gets naughty online which leads to an interesting situation.

Yuukyuu no Kanata

Yuukyuu no Kanata by Watanabe Asia (OS, Yaoi) | Buy
French Orion washes up on the shore of a small Japanese island with no memories of himself, other than his name. He’s taken in by pretty teenager Tooya, and isn’t in a hurry to leave. But how did he end up on the island in the first place?


Cruising Spot

Cruising Spot by Terujirou
No summary.

The time left for playing lovers -374 minutes- Part 2

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – The time left for playing lovers -374 minutes- Part 2 by Non, circle: hey you! [EreRi] | Buy
In the morning, we’ll forget about this.


Ao no Exorcist dj - My Brother Became a Rabbit

Ao no Exorcist dj – My Brother Became a Rabbit by Kashima, circle: licca [YukioRin] | Buy
Rin gets rabbit features like rabbit ears and tail because of a jackalope. But of course, the infamous characteristic of rabbits of screwing all year round also manifests on Rin. Oh lucky you Yukio! Or should it be poor you Yukio?


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