Theme: Halloween

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BL of The Dead

BL of The Dead by Ryu Usui (OS collection, Supernatural, Yaoi) | Buy
Multiple stories that revolve around zombies.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary by Samamiya Akaza | Buy
This is the story of a priest with a “survival wish” and a vampire with a “death wish”. After hundreds of years, Mary – an immortal vampire with a death wish – finally finds out the whereabouts of Maria – the exorcist who possesses the “Blood of Maria” that can exterminate him.


Coyote by Zariya Ranmaru (Supernatural, Yaoi) – ongoing
/!\Prostitution, Unexpressed consent Mingling in the human world, wolves that hide in the shadows…This new series by Zariya Ranmaru tells us the story of Lili (Coyote), a mysterious boy and Marlene, a piano player who’s eager to know what’s hidden behind those amber eyes.

Hana to Junketsu

Hana to Junketsu by Katsura Komachi (Yaoi) – ongoing
I a world where vampires and humans live together, it is uncleat whether it’s hunting prey or making love, but it’s still very sweet.

Loup-Garou Gokou

Loup-Garou Gokou by Ike Reibun | Buy
(Ch8 of Hide and Seek) In a village full of werewolves, everyone is always searching for someone to spend the full moon with, when their sex drives are the strongest. Ichi is determined to wait for true love, but will he be able to resist the moon’s pull, especially when he is pursued by Goroku?

Punch Up

Punch Up by Kano Shiuko (OS, Humor, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi)
Kouta helps a friend move, but there seems to be a visitor from the other side helping… Motoharu finds some kind of sick pleasure in this…

Tsureteke Tengoku

Take Me to Heaven by Yamato Nase | Buy
/!\ Ghosts | He Sees Ghosts… And One Sexy Guy! High school student Fumiya possesses the ability to see things normal people can’t: ghosts and spirits. Each time Fumiya sees one, he turns to the tall, handsome, and popular Shogo, the son of a temple priest, for help.

Three Wolves Mountain

Three Wolves Mountain by Naono Bohra | Buy
/!\ Blood, Past rape on a child | A tale of two brothers who travel far and wide end up lodging with a cafe owner. We learn of the strange things that go ‘bump’ in the night in a cemetary as well as the love that binds individuals together.

Wrong Love

Wrong Love by Morito, Chong Zi (OS, Drama, Shonen Ai, Supernatural) | Original
/!\Blood “If I thrust a knife through your heart, will you feel my pain?”


Pumpkin Party

D.Gray-man dj – Pumpkin Party by Kain, circle: SCOOP [Laven] | Buy
Lavi tricks Allen with a hair growing potion.

Gray Zone 8: Trick or Treat & Happy Halloween

D.Gray-man dj – Gray Zone 8: Trick or Treat & Happy Halloween by Mutsuki Hikaru, circle: Space Walker [Allen x Kanda] (OS, Humor, Shonen Ai) | Buy
No summary.

Aki Jikan -Autumn Pumpkin-

Detective Conan dj – Aki Jikan -Autumn Pumpkin- by Naruki Kana, circle: eternal kid’s [KaiShin] (OS, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Halloween no Yoru ni

Free! dj – Halloween no Yoru ni by Sakura Hitsuji, circle: ANCOCOCO [RinHaru]
On the night of Halloween, Haruka discovers a secret that Rin has been hiding from him…

Horror Movie Night!!

Free! dj – Horror Movie Night!! by Miike, circle: ciao,baby [MakoRei] | Buy
Makoto and Rei borrow a horror movie.


Free! dj – TRICK to RINRIN by Tomoe Kiko, circle: Dolce Einsatz [HaruRin] (OS, PWP, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Trick or Mackerel?!

Futari Hinata

Haikyuu!! dj – Futari Hinata by Koshianko, circle: Tamagoya [KageHi] | Buy
There are two Hinatas. Who’s the real one…?

Vampire to Prism

Haikyuu!! dj – Vampire to Prism by Kuse, circle: GEAR [OiSuga] (OS, Humor, Supernatural, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.

Dramine and Ookamin

Kuroko no Basuke dj – Dramine and Ookamin by Kamachi, circle: IQ3000 [AoKaga] (OS, Smut, Yaoi) | Buy
Werewolf!Kagami picks up a starving Vampire!Aomine from the streets.

SxZ Sanzensekai: Blood Type: S

One Piece dj – SxZ Sanzensekai: Blood Type: S by Shiba, circle: SHE:BA [SanZo] (OS, Yaoi)
Welcome to Pumpkin Island!

Halloween family story

Shingeki no Kyojin dj – Halloween family story by Kurihara Aoi, circle: Agp [EreRi] | Buy
When you can’t get candy on Halloween, do the kitty pose!


Yowamushi Pedal dj – Happy☆Halloween! by チコッツ, circle: daisy [MidoSaka] (OS, Humor, Yaoi) | Buy
No summary.