Adding a new series

Go to the form page here: form
To find all the info, you can either check the scanlators page or the manga page on MangaUpdates: www.mangaupdates.com
Infos absolutely needed: Title, Author, Group’s name, URL.

If there are two groups, you can either add them in the same group box, or in “Group” and “Group 2”. In this case, Sentimiento Yaoi didn’t make their own announcement page, just reblogged Fated Fujoshi’s announcement (see by yourself). So we don’t need to add the two groups separately.
If both groups make their own announcement, we use the two boxes (“Group” and “Group 2”), and check “2 groups”.

If possible, we try to add to add a buying link, with the title in kanji it’s easier. The best websites:
1. www.cdjapan.co.jp
2. yesasia.com. If you get 138 pages of results, try putting quotation marks
3. amazon.co.jp
4. your friend google.com (with quotation marks). In the MangaUpdate’s page, we see that this manga is published in GUSH, so I click on the amazon link I get that mentions GUSH.

When adding a warning, you delete the text in the box, replace it by the warnings, and check the box.

We also choose between the three possible status: complete, ongoing, or oneshot, and if it’s not a oneshot, the chapter’s number (“ChX” or “Extra”).

Adding a continuing series

This is how I do it on WordPress but it’s exactly the same by mail.
1. yaoireleases.wordpress.com
2. paste the title and search
3. click on one of the posts (only with a date, not the masterposts)
4. copy the line
5. paste it in the email
6. change what needs to be changed (here, the link, the scanlator’s name and the chapter’s number, but you also have to check the genre if the manga evolves)

Once again, it’s very easy to use this.
1. form
2. add the first part of the line you copied previously until the genre, and remove the unnecessary parts.
Example (remove what’s between brackets):
Ai no Poltergeist by Koiwazurai Shibito [[– Ch3 ⋆]] #Yaoi [[→ miilkytofu@livejournal || Buy]]
Ai no Poltergeist by Koiwazurai Shibito #Yaoi
3. click on “All Done!”
4. you get another form. Copy-paste the result in the new box and click on “All Done!”
5. copy-paste the result in the mail

This time we’ll use a google feature that lets us make a search on a specific website (here, YR’s twitter).
1. in the twitter search bar, add this: site:twitter.com/yaoi_releases
2. then paste the manga’s title
3. copy the tweet and replace the chapter’s number
4. add the release’s link and the buying link
5. paste everything in the mail and send it.

Adding a doujinshi

First step is copy-pasting every info you get on the project page.

In the form, you have a line with two hashtags. The two boxes are for twitter updates.
We usually use a short for the fandom/original work and for the ship name for twitter.
In this case, we use Haikyuu!! and KageHi for both Twitter and WordPress, but for Touken Ranbu for ex., well use TouRabu for the Twitter. Or for Kotetsu x Barnaby, we’ll remove the spaces for twitter (KotetsuxBarnaby).
Remember to fill the two boxes for fandom and ship.

You don’t have to fill the image box. I’ll do it myself, since it has a a special format.

Pixiv artists often but a preview of their doujinshi in their works on Pixiv. The more stars they get, the more popular their artwork become. That’s why it’s preferable to link to the preview. Sometimes, you can also find the buying link on their page.

In that case, the artist didn’t add a preview, so we’ll link to their profile. The pixiv id is the number you find at the end of the URL.

In this video, you can see that I hesitated when filling the circle’s name. Two circles were mentionned on the scanlator’s page. So to be sure (and to get the buying link on toranoana), I’m looking for the doujinshi’s page on the live-saving website http://www.doujinshi.org.

I copy the doujinka’s name in Japanese characters, choose “Author” in the drop-list. Luckily, there’s only one author with this name, and the cover is in the preview list of Seia’s work.

Here, I find the toranoana link (buying link). I also find the circle’s name for this doujin, which I change in the form.

I check that I added the pixiv link and the buying link so that it’ll appear in the form results.

I check the genres, checking “Doujinshi” is VERY important or the format won’t be for the best and we’ll need to make some changes.

I don’t add any warnings because there’s no reason to. If I had to put a warning, I’d have to delete the text in the Warning box, and replace it with the appropriate warning.

We don’t have any summary here, but we would do the same if we had: delete the “No summary” text and replace it with the summary.

Since it’s a oneshot, we also check oneshot.

All you have to do now is click on the “All Done!” button, copypaste the whole box, and send it by mail!