Twitter Guide

The WordPress is updated daily, but the YR twitter is updated several times a day. Thus by following the twitter, you can satisfy your crave for yaoi all day long. Just be aware that I don’t list all the warnings on twitter (for example when a sensitive topic is only mentioned, or even just forget about it), and from time to time, I only add sensitive titles on the WordPress blog.

How to read the tweets

manga example:

Title, by Author, Volume and/Chapter, Scanlation group link

doujinshi example:

#Fandom, #Pairing, Title, #PixivId, Circle, Scanlation group link, Buying link


(comic), #Fandom, #Pairing, Title, #PixivId, Scanlation link

Indications and Warnings

(…): brackets mark an indication:

  • (bara): typically features masculine men with varying degrees of muscle, body fat, and body hair (source),
  • (comic): fancomic, often by a pixiv artist,
  • (complete): the manga has at least two chapters and has been completely scanlated,
  • (manhwa): korean, are read from left to right,
  • (os): oneshot,
  • (subs) subtitles for a BL anime.

…/: slash indicate a warning:

  • aphrodisiac/: consensual but with the use of aphrodisiacs,
  • bondage/: practice of tying people up for sexual pleasure (source),
  • blood/: graphic depiction of blood,
  • d/s/: dominance and submission,
  • death/: includes character death,
  • incest/: depicts love relationship between blood-related characters,
  • murder/: mention or graphic depiction of a murder,
  • past abuse/: includes mentions of past abuse, with no abuse in the relationship on which the manga is focused,
  • shota/: features young boys or young looking men in a erotic way, no warning when rated T or less,
  • threat/: the plot include serious threats.

id000000: the number behind “id” is the pixiv id of the artist. To font their page, you can type:

#HelpNeeded: you can find all the recruitment post filed under this tag.

Quick Update: the update is checked but at the time I’m tweeting, I am unable to add the usual informations.

Unchecked Update: I haven’t been able to catch up on the manga, thus I haven’t checked the content for warnings.

How to search on Twitter

You can search titles, mangaka, and pairings on twitter, by typing this in the search bar:

whatever you're looking for from:Yaoi_Releases

Fandoms and pairings name are different on WordPress and Twitter, here’s the twitter tag guide.


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