Tuesday, March 10th 2015

Number Call
Mangacap from Number Call, by Furuya Nagisa

Kizutsuite Romance by Abe Akane – Ch2 ⋆ #Yaoi → Bakeneko Scanlations || Buy

Number Call by Furuya Nagisa – Ch1 ⋆ #Shonen Ai → Starry Sky Scans, Hoshikuzuu Scans || Buy

Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny by Sakura Sakuya – V2 Ch12 & Extra ⋆ #Shonen Ai #Supernatural → Dangerous Pleasure || Buy

Silver Diamond by Sugiura Shiho – V23 Ch67 ⋆ #Adventure #Fantasy #Shonen Ai → Amato Empire

comic: Touken Ranbu [KaneHiro] “兼さんと国広の落書き。その②” pixiv id: 742729


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 10th 2015

    1. I didn’t add KaC’s releases because I haven’t asked them if it’s still okay to announce their releases yet. I hope everything will go well for them from now on.
      Thank you very much!



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